For Students

For Graduate Students

Graduate students in the WMP lab are typically involved in multiple (interdisciplinary) research projects involving participants across the lifespan and using a broad range of methodologies. Topics include cognitive training, older adult cognition, creativity, numerical cognition, or learning disabilities (especially ADHD).  They are getting PhDs in either Education or Cognitive Science.

For the next admission cycle, I am looking for graduate students with research experience who are interested in a) cognitive aging, and/or b) brain stimulation. Contact Susanne Jaeggi at to learn more.

For Undergraduate Students

Many of our ongoing projects are designed to allow undergraduates to get involved and get research experience – see the participate page for information about current studies. If you would like to get involved, please contact a lab manager.

Austin Moon for the tdcs study

Francesca Trane for ADHD, Creativity, and Memory and Successful Aging Studies

Kimia Akhavein for the Math and Memory Study

We are taking an interdisciplinary approach with the goal of solving a complex problem: improve education and learning for all.

There are many benefits to being a research assistant in our lab, for example:

  • Gain a behind-the-scenes look on how experiments are developed and administered.
  • Build a theoretical foundation on interdisciplinary approaches to study learning by reading and discussing relevant articles.
  • Learn a wide range of skills, such as: designing and conducting experiments, administering standardized tests, interacting with participants, creating stimuli, or coding and analyzing data.
  • Conduct an honors project through the Campuswide Honors Program or the Honors Program in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, and/or create your own research project if you wish to, for example, with the support of UROP and/or SURP, and present at the annual undergraduate research symposium at UCI.
  • Present your work at local and national conferences, such as the UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC), the Western Psychological Association Convention (WPA), or even the Association for Psychological Science (APS)!
  • Build an academic-driven network of friends and HAVE FUN at the same time!

To gain the most out of your experience and in order to adequately develop your research skills we require a minimum of ten hours per week and two quarters commitment with our lab.

Many of our alumni went on to pursue advance degrees in fields such as Psychology, Education, Computer Science, or Cognitive Neuroscience. Recent examples for schools they went to are Teachers College (Columbia University), UCLA, Boston University, or Pepperdine University.

Cheers to our 2019 UROP and SURP presenters!


See who participated in our June 2018 WMP undergraduate research symposium below:

Check out the pictures of the 2018 PURC and WPA student presentations! 

Check out the pictures of the 2017 UROP symposium as well as our Honors student presentations!

Below – less than HALF of the WMP crew in Spring 2017! Thanks for all your great work RAs!