Thank you for your interest in supporting our research. Your philanthropy is very important and allows us to fulfill our mission to improve educational outcomes and learning for everyone – from young children to the oldest-old.

To discuss opportunities for gifts and donations, please call our Director of Development, Ms. Jennifer Stameson at 949-824-1962 or email

Alternatively, view UCI’s Gifts and Giving Page for more information on how to donate to UCI labs and institutes. Please make sure to indicate “Working Memory and Plasticity Lab” or “WMP lab” in the Comments Field, so that your gift is routed appropriately.

What we can offer

We can provide workshops and presentations on our work, or, more generally, on learning, working memory, ADHD, and aging for the interested general public, parents, teachers, schools or other organizations.

We offer free access to our training software for participating organizations and individuals, and furthermore, we acknowledge the organizations’ and participants’ contribution in scientific publications.