For Everyone

Anja Pahor’s Expert Blog on Learning and Development on the potential benefits of a personalized approach to brain training.

Check out Alexandria Weaver’s contribution on Knowing Neurons – Music for the Mind: How Music Nurtures Cognitive Development.

For Older Adults

Many factors contribute to successful aging. Unfortunately, some aspects of aging are inevitable, and furthermore, there are certainly genetic and other factors that are not under your control. However, there are things that you can do, such as engaging in cognitive and physical activity, interacting socially, and keeping a healthy diet. These areas work together to promote and maintain your brain health. Also make sure to get regular checkups and that you practice safety habits to avoid accidents and prevent falls.

If you are interested to learn more what you can do to maintain brain health, where to get more resources, and generally learn more about what our lab does to promote successful aging, download a booklet with tips and resources here and learn more about the relationship between lifestyle and healthy aging here.

Furthermore, the The Dana Foundation has published a comprehensive booklet on Successful Aging – see here.

For Parents and Educators

If you are interested to learn more about how working memory affects children in the classroom, see here for an excellent booklet put together by Drs. Gathercole and Packiam Alloway (UK). This booklet provides an introduction to working memory and the role it plays in everyday life, especially in supporting learning in school.

Although our lab is developing computerized games and applications to foster working memory skills, there are many off-the shelf card and board games targeting those skills as well, and they can also get children (and adults) off their screens and tablets to interact as a family. Download a list of games here.