time to test your memory

Interested in participating in research?

                                         Want to test out your memory skills?

                                                         Now is your chance.

The WMP Lab is taking participants for current and upcoming studies.
Please follow the link to read more and indicate your interest or contact our lab manager:
Chelsea Parlett (, 949-824-2439).

ADHD Study:
In a joint study with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, we are looking for children ages 7 – 14 with ADHD to participate in a study about brain training and motivation! Our goal is to assess whether different cognitive and motivational interventions will benefit children with ADHD.

The study requites 2 in-lab visits (1.5 hours each) and 6 days of at-home cognitive training (~15 minutes per day for 1 week). Families will receive $20 and children will receive token prizes (e.g. stickers, stuffed animals).

For Orange County, CA and surrounding areas:
Please contact Minnie Wu:
(949) 824 – 6716

For Washtenaw County, MI and surrounding areas:
Please contact Jessica Glazier:
(734) 647 – 6250